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Why aren't my customers receiving messages?
Why aren't my customers receiving messages?

If you're not seeing conversations in the dashboard there is likely a few reasons

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Not seeing conversations within TxtCart?

  1. Ensure that you have finished onboarding and setting up your checkout per our recommendations. This will ensure the app is good to go and your store is setup for compliant marketing. You can find articles related to that here.

  2. Confirm you have abandoned checkouts that occured after installing TxtCart. You can do this by viewing "Orders > Abandoned Checkouts" in your Shopify Admin

  3. Confirm these customers have opted in and left their phone number

  4. Confirm these customers phone numbers are valid US, UK, CAD or AUS phone numbers.

  5. Confirm that you are not outside of quiet hours (8am - 9pm)

Still have questions or concerns about why texts appear to be missing? Reach out to our support team!

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