As you might already be familiar, TxtCart's main and first focus is recovering abandoned carts by texting your customers in real-time.

After you install TxtCart, go through the onboarding process and configure your checkout, our Live Agents can take over. The only thing you need to do is come back and watch your dashboard as the sales come in (we do of course recommend taking advantage of our second product SMS Marketing Campaigns).

In this article, however, I'll walk you through the entire cart abandonment flow, how, when, and what happens after one of your customers abandons.

Cart Abandonment Flow

  1. So one of your customers abandons checkout. In order for them to receive the first text from us, they must first, accept marketing and provide a phone number at checkout.

2. After 20-40 minutes, they will receive the first text, which is automated and looks something like the following:

3. If the shopper replies, our Live Agents will provide instant support, product recommendations, or a discount in order to help the potential customer complete a purchase.

Some Use Cases our Live Agents Tackle Include:

  • Technical Issues

  • Product Recommendations

  • Up-sells & Cross-sells

  • Shipping and Delivery information

  • Product-related questions

  • Assist with failed transactions

4. If the shopper uses our discount code or clicks on the checkout link our Live Agents provide, the cart will be recovered and attributed as a TxtCart conversion.

If you want to learn more about the Cart Abandonment Flow, feel free to email me at or send a direct message via our live chat.

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