How do I set up my checkout for SMS?

Updated Instructions for compliant SMS messages

Updated over a week ago

Optimized Checkout Settings

Required changes to your checkout to ensure that you are compliant, and we can text customers once they have successfully opted in.

1) Go to your Checkout Settings in the Shopify Admin Settings

2) In the Customer Contact Section, select "Customers can only checkout using email"

Note: this will separate out the email and phone fields at checkout.

3) Scroll down to the Form options and change the Shipping Address Phone number to Optional.

4) Select the checkbox for SMS under Marketing Options

5) Click Save

6) Scroll to Manage Checkout Language

7) In the filter bar, type in "Phone"

For Phone Label and Optional Phone Label, copy and paste this text to your settings: Phone - get support, offers, and updates via text

Then save, search "Marketing" in the filter bar, and enter the below text:

Text me exclusive promotions, offers and deals

Once you have completed this, scroll to the top and press save. Congrats you are complete!

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