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TxtCart Intro to SMS
TxtCart Intro to SMS

Learn about how to get started with SMS Marketing for your Shopify Store

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With an open rate of more than 98%, SMS marketing via live text messages is an incredibly powerful tool that can help you reach customers instantly and personally. You can use it to send special offers, promotions, promo codes or any other news related to your store. We find it most effective to use in a conversational, and non intrusive way to recover abandoned carts!

SMS messages are currently available in the USA, Canada, UK & Australia at this time.

How do I get access to campaigns?

Campaigns Tool in TxtCart is available on Starter Plans and higher.

How much does SMS/MMS messaging cost in campaigns?

Please find our below rates table. Please note that these are only applicable to Campaigns, Flows and Automations. We do NOT charge per text fees to use our Cart Recovery Product.

How do I get SMS subscribers?

You can gather SMS subscribers through the following methods:

  1. Through Shopify checkout.

  2. With onsite pop-ups

  3. Uploading a customer CSV list obtained outside of TxtCart

More on that here.

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