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What is TxtCart?
TxtCart - How can it work for me?
TxtCart - How can it work for me?

An overview of TxtCart's features and how you can leverage it to 10x growth.

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What is TxtCart?

TxtCart is an SMS marketing software dedicated to helping online businesses tackle abandoned cart recovery, improve customer retention, and drive new sales through targeted and personalized SMS Campaigns. All done with real humans, texting customers in real-time.

How does TxtCart work?

This is a summary of how our abandoned cart recovery process works:

  • Someone abandons checkout

  • We text them immediately

  • We address their concerns

  • We offer them a discount code

  • We close the sale, you make money

Getting started with TxtCart

Start with a 14-day free trial and $1,000 in recovered sales!

Not sure if TxtCart is the right fit for your brand? Not currently implementing an SMS marketing strategy into your e-commerce shop? No worries. We at TxtCart believe that our team and process will empower you to make better decisions with your business, and enable your store to drive over 30% more recovered carts with our live agents. Don't believe us? Try free and we'll guarantee a 10x return.

If you have any questions about how TxtCart would work within your setup, contact our support team and we'd be happy to give a brief demo!

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