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Importing Subscribers from Shopify
Importing Subscribers from Shopify

Everything you need to know to hit the ground running on TxtCart.

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When importing SMS subscribers from Shopify to TxtCart, your shop can upload previously collected subscriber contact lists so that you don't miss a beat coming to TxtCart. Follow the instructions below to ensure you only upload those who are actively subscribed to your SMS list.

Exporting your data from Shopify

Step 1: Within your Shopify Admin, navigate to Customers

Step 2: Click on Filters

Step 3: Search for Subscription

Step 4: Make sure to select SMS subscription status for the Shopify Filter

Step 5: select "Is equal to" > Subscribed > Apply Filter

Step 6: If given the option save and name the segment "Shopify SMS Subscribers for TxtCart"

Step 7: Click More actions in the upper right hand menu and select Export

Step 8: Run the Export Customers, you will receive an email to the email on file. From here, you can save the .csv file Shopify sent and then reach out to our team via live chat and/or email us at requesting a data import from Shopify.

That's it! Once sent to us, our team will have it added to your account typically within 48 hours and you'll see the new subscribers reflected in your TxtCart dashboard ready to receive SMS marketing!

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