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Your Text Marketing Overview Page
Your Text Marketing Overview Page

Accquaint yourself with our SMS Text Marketing overview page - see how we showcase real time analytics and insights into campaigna

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The Text Marketing Overview Page

Here you will see your overview for SMS/Text Marketing. Everything needed to succeed with SMS Marketing from customer opt-in count, graphs, list of campaign data and results, and much more.

Campaigns Overview

Campaign Results

Keep track of all your campaigns by name, date created, status, etc. Take quick actions from this menu like editing a draft, duplicating a successful campaign, or deleting a draft.

Create a new campaign will take you to the Campaign Creation page.

Campaign Results

Get insights into specific campaigns. Want to know how your BFCM Campaign 1 - 20% off storewide campaign performed? We got you.

  • Orders

  • Sales

  • AOV

  • Opt-Out rate

Setting up a Campaign

From this page, you will be able to craft your custom one-time SMS Campaign. Keep in mind these are not automation or recurring. Give the campaign a name, select your target segment, or upload a CSV.

Craft your message and make use of our available shortcodes! We'll show a live preview, give insights into message strength as well as provide suggestions on how to get the most out of each campaign.

Review Campaign

Once complete, you will be prompted to review your campaign data here.

Sending/Scheduling a Campaign

Want to send a test message to yourself in real-time? You can do that. Schedule for later? Not a problem. Or, you may send the campaign now and get started on driving those additional sales...

Note: When scheduling a campaign, to avoid issues with carriers and sending, please make sure to schedule a campaign at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise use "send now"

Note: SMS Campaigns currently in Early Stages incur a 10K SMS Blast limit through 12/21/2020.

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