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Get familiar - send targeted and personalized SMS campaigns to your list

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Campaigns Overview

So you have subscribers and you want to re-engage, market or notify them of your offer. Great! You can send 1-time targeted and personalized campaigns to your list within TxtCart. We have everything you'll need to succeed with SMS marketing on Shopify from customer opt-in data, templates, revenue vs text count data and much much more.

Recommended Templates

Not sure how/where to get started? We got you covered with our favorite holiday templates. Simply hover over the card and/or click customize and schedule to begin.

Campaign Insights

Filter between revenue, texts, and view that data for any period of time that makes sense for your reporting. We give an easy to use reporting dashboard so that you are never kept in the dark about your campaign data. Some key insights we give you out of the box include Subscriber LTV, Acquisition Rate, Revenue Per Message, Messages per Subscriber, Reply Rate as well as Opt-Out Rate.

Pro tip: Keep a close eye on your Opt-Out Rate. A rate that is too high, can result in additional costs or filtering from carriers.

All SMS Campaigns

Need to find a central place where all your saved, sent, or draft campaigns live? We got you covered. From here you can view the current status of the campaign(s), the number of recipients it sent to as well as campaign specific reply rate, CTR (click through rate), revenue generated as well as approx ROI (Return on Investment).

Create SMS Campaign

Here is our campaign builder tool. This is where the magic happens, as you'll be naming your campaign, choosing which audiences to include and exclude as well as crafting the actual copy to your campaign here. We also give you some additional options/features within the create a campaign page including A/B Testing, scheduling for later, smart sending and follow up targeting.

Pro tip: Put your personal cell number in for SMS Campaign highligts to receive highlights about your recent sent campaign once it has been fulfilled and the attribution window is complete. These insights will come to you approx 1-week after your campaign has finished sending.

Review Campaign

Ready to send your masterpiece to your list? Great! Let's review the campaign prior to sending. Here you get one last glance at your data and campaign before finalizing it, make sure everything is correct. You'll also notice the campaign data section which outlines important information as it relates to your campaign costs.

  • Messages per recipient - the estimated number of messages your list subscribers will receive

  • SMS Count - the estimated sms segment count (this directly impacts pricing)

  • SMS/MMS Recipients - the estimated number of subscribers receiving the campaign (this directly impacts pricing)

  • Estimated Cost - the cost that you will be billed one time to send the campaign

That's it! Ready to send your first campaign? Sit back, watch the orders flow in and don't be afraid to test. This is a marketing channel after all.

Not ready? No problem you can quickly and easily save your progress for later by utilizing our Save Draft functionality.


Once navigated to Campaigns > Lists (listed as a sub menu item on the left nav) you will see where you can import, export and manage your subscriber lists. To export, please reach out to our support team to request an export. More on Importing subscribers here.


Once navigated to Campaigns > Segments (listed as a sub menu item on the left nav) you will see where you can review, manage and create segments for your audience. By default, TxtCart has some pre built segments which you can view the rules of here. Feel free to use them, but if you require further segmentation, we give you that ability. To create a custom segment, simply click Create Segment in the upper right corner to begin.

From there, you will be greeted with our Create Segment modal. Here you can choose the segment value, operator, values and logic that is required for this segment. Once done, you can save this segment and use it in your campaigns.

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