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Get familiar - recover abandoned carts on autopilot

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For many of our users, Cart Recovery (Checkout Recovery) is the main reason they have installed TxtCart. Luckily, we have been hard at work to build so much more on the platform. Nonetheless, let's get familiar with our bread and butter.

Cart Recovery Overview

Here is where all of your relevant data will live for all things checkout recovery. Upon installing and onboarding our team of live agents and AI will be hard at work recovering those lost sales for you, all without you lifting a finger.

To see those results, conversations, orders and how we respond, you'll want to navigate to the Cart Recovery page on the left-hand nav menu.

Here you will see your AOV, how many recoveries we have won, and the total revenue recovered from lost sales. Alongside this, we give a funnel showing conversations had, the number of customers' who replied and of course again who was recovered. We are excited to now bring you advanced filtering on this data, allowing you to break this down by day, last week, last 30 days, this year and all time to name a few!

New for TxtCart 4.0

Insights graph, now allowing you to see and overlay, graphically your conversations, replies and order metrics. In addition to this, we show the latest 5 conversations of your abandoned checkouts below.

As always, you can view these conversations here and more comprehensively in our Conversations tab. Simply click on the "3 Messages" to have a message preview modal pop up. If you'd like to view all conversations, simply click View All Conversations in the lower right of the table. From here you have the option to Reply Manually to the message. More on SMS Inbox here.

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