The US cell phone carriers use different networks for delivering SMS messages (text messages) and MMS messages (multimedia messages with photos or GIFs). It is typically very rare for carriers to have a major problem delivering SMS messages but not impossible. We have on occasion seen numerous carriers have issues delivering MMS/GIF messages (via degraded quality or large amounts of duplicate MMS messages).

We will display a red banner at the top of the app (above dashboard) that you will see when our system has detected that the carriers are having problems delivering MMS:

To see where this error may have occurred, you will need to navigate to TxtCart's SMS Text Marketing Page and locate the campaign, then reach out to support:

There are two important things to remember when the carriers are having problems delivering MMS messages:

  1. SMS message delivery is unaffected

  2. SMS messages typically perform just as well as MMS messages for a lower cost

As soon as our system recognizes that the carriers are having problems delivering MMS messages, the following things happen in TxtCart:

  1. You are prevented from sending or scheduling new MMS campaigns

  2. Recommended to use SMS campaigns instead

  3. You will need to contact support

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