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What types of brands are prohibited from using TxtCart?
What types of brands are prohibited from using TxtCart?

Carriers limit the ability to work with certain types of brands that carry specific products

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Despite TxtCart's ability to leverage a more lenienet and less stringent opt-in collection due to P2P nature of our texts, carriers still prohibit certain types of products and language from being marketed, talked about or sold through SMS/MMS.

Websites/brands that are selling Cannabis (Weed), CBD, THC, Fireworks, Illegal drugs, Gambling, Prescription drugs, Loans, Cryptocurrency, Pyramid schemes or firearms are prohibited from sending sms messages therefore, TxtCart cannot service these brands.

These brands often fall under what is known as S.H.A.F.T content. More on that here.

Note: We are always working on ways to better service a variety of merchants and you can reach out to see if there is an opportunity to work with us on a case by case basis to support some brands related to vape, tobacco and/or alcohol.

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