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Why did I get charged?
Why did I get charged?

Billing starts at the end of trial, once a plan has been selected.

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Prior to reaching out, please navigate to your billing page and refer to the help doc here.

It is most likely, if you are seeing a charge for the first time, that your 14-day free trial has come to an end, or you are actively subscribed to our Basic Plan which is usage based. Please note that once you have enabled your trial, you will be automatically billed on day 15. If you have selected Basic, you will be billed starting when we recover you sales.

Note: There is no trial to a Free to Install $0/mo recurring plan.

We are a subscription-based software with usage charges and that means you will be charged a recurring fee + a percentage of any sales we generated. To read more about our policies, please refer to our Terms of Service.

We issue commission charges every day based on usage, for a total of 30 charges posted per monthly billing cycle on average. This totaled, will equal your monthly commission on sales.

You can refer to your Billing section in app to see past invoices as well as check your Shopify invoice.

To check your billing on Shopify please navigate to Settings > Billing > Upcoming Bill > View Details.

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