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How to add "SMS" into your email marketing opt-in checkbox
How to add "SMS" into your email marketing opt-in checkbox
A step by step guide brought to you by the TxtCart Team.
Updated over a week ago

Updating and adding additional language to your marketing opt-in checkbox within Shopify is easy. Let's dive in...

Step One: Select "Checkout" from the settings menu of your Shopify Admin Dashboard

Step Two: Confirm that your Email marketing sign-up option is not preselected. "Against TCPA policy".

Step Three: Scroll to the bottom and click "Manage checkout language"

Step Four: Copy and paste "Accept marketing checkbox label" into the filter section of "language". This will pull up the Checkout & System / Checkout Marketing section needed.

Step Five: Insert this language "Keep me up to date on news and exclusive offers by email and text message"

Step Six: Click the purple Save button to confirm the changes. Then navigate to your checkout and confirm the changes went through. It should look like this:

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