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What's the best discount percentage to offer?
What's the best discount percentage to offer?

Is there a best discount to offer customers

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TxtCart messages are designed to look like your store’s best customer service team at work. As a result, our most successful stores use a discount code that is a little better than the best discount available through email or other retargeting channels.

We’ve found that it only needs to be 2-5% higher for the customer to feel appreciated! So, if your current best discount is 10%, offer 12-15% through SMS. If your best discount is 15%, offer 17-20% through SMS.

Typically we recommend starting at 15-20% and adjusting as you get more data on your customers. Of course, this is a blanket statement as we realize each brand has unique AOV, pricing and costs. Do not offer a % code that will hurt your margins.

Disclaimer: It is not TxtCart's responsibility or fault for margins being squeezed, we simply communicate with customers on your behalf and attempt to generate more sales.

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