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What is the CTIA?
What is the CTIA?

Let's deep dive into what the CTIA is

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CTIA or Celluar Telecommunications & Internet Association

This was created to protect consumers and the text messaging platforms from fraud, spam and abuse. Ultimately the CTIA sets best practices for companies utilizing SMS Marketing to make sure those protection standards are upheld.

Installing TxtCart on your store and CTIA compliance

After TxtCart is installed on your store, it's very important to verify that the correct language is present in the "phone" / "optional phone" fields on the checkout page. The langauge here indicates to the customer that they may or may not recieve marketing related text messages from your business. It is crucial to have a properly setup TxtCart account that aligns with CTIA best practices.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account/business setup, our Customer Support team is always here to help! Email us at

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