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How is my bill calculated?
How is my bill calculated?

Learn how TxtCart calculates and issues billing charges

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Plans are billed monthly and composed of a base rate (recurring charge) & additional usage fees that may be applied:

Monthly Recurring

We offer (5) five plans

  • Basic plan - you will be billed $0/mo

  • Starter - you will be billed $29/mo

  • Growth - you will be billed at $79/mo

  • Pro - you will be billed at $299/mo

  • Enterprise - you will be billed at $999/mo

Usage Charge

For all plans, we issue usage charges. These usage charges are comprised of carrier pass-through fees ($5-10), Campaign per text costs, as well as cart recovery commissions based on the sales generated from us. Commission rates range from 20% (Basic) down to 1% (Enterprise) depending on your selected plan. We post charges every day for a total of 30 charges every 30-day billing cycle. These charges are directly related to our cart recovery attribution and are non-refundable. -

  • Note: We only take commissions on cart recovery NOT any other product, these are based on a 7-day click/view attribution tracking window. More here.

Pay Per Text (Campaigns, Automations, Flows)

To take advantage of our other suite of SMS products, we offer best-in-class competitive pricing based on a variety of factors. Each campaign is assigned an estimated cost on the review page based on the size of the list, character count (segments), location of recipients, as well as SMS vs MMS deliverability.

  • Note: Accounts on the Free Trial will have access to Campaigns, Flows, Automations but are restricted to a 100 texts per day limit.


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