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How do I set a custom discount in TxtCart?
How do I set a custom discount in TxtCart?

A step by step guide brought to you by the TxtCart Team.

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Updating or changing your standard discount to a custom discount in TxtCart is easy. Let's dive in...

Not into reading? We made a video for you! View here

Step 1: Navigate to your settings page > discounts tab

Step 2: Click "Create New Code"

Step 3: Fill out the modal

You will need to give your new discount code a name. We recommend something simple like "Get20". You will have three (3) options for the type of discount code you wish to create. Percent off (most populate), fixed amount as well as Free Shipping are all valid. When done, you should have something like, Get20 for 20% off your purchase.

Note: Discount codes ARE case sensitive.

Note: The code is automatically populated in your Shopify Admin in the Discount tab.

Step 4: Review/Save your code

Step 5: Double check that your new code is LIVE in Shopify.

Note: If you receive an error, you are likely are trying to create a code that already exists/is being used within Shopify or by another app. The code should be unique and new.

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