What size should my images be for MMS?

Not sure the file type/size to use? Let's dive into it

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When it comes to MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services) there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Use JPG or GIF file formats

MMS supports many image file formats, but we recommend staying with a more standard and common format. Unfortunately, not all devices you may be sending to will support the newer formats, so it's a good rule of thumb to stick to tried and tested formats to maximize deliverability.

Tip: For images, we recommend either JPG or GIF, but only use a GIF when sending animated images.

Image resolution should be less than 640 pixels wide

The image you are using should not be wider than 640 pixels and no taller than 1,138 pixels. This ratio (9:16) is a portrait ratio and is optimized for viewability on mobile screens. However, you can use other ratios, such as square (1:1), while staying within these dimension constraints for MMS.

Common MMS image ratios

Portrait - 9:16 ratio - 640x1138px

Square - 1:1 ratio - 600x600px

Landscape - 16:9 ratio - 1280x720px

Image file size should be 300KB or less

Many carriers will reject the message if the image is too large, you may also get an error in TxtCart if the image file is too large. Best practice is keeping the file to under 300KB. While the newest version of MMS supports largers formats, we typically recommend smaller the better. You can easily find the size of your image by right clicking the image and selecting properties or resize image.

Tip: As a general rule of thumb, carriers impose a 1mb limit to file sizes

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