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What is TxtCart?
Installing TxtCart for Your Store
Installing TxtCart for Your Store
Installing TxtCart is really simple. But we wrote a guide for you anyways.
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TxtCart Plus - SMS Marketing is a Shopify app that can be installed onto your Shopify store Admin. Our app serves as a platform to help boost your store's revenue through a combination of text marketing, live agent assistance, and abandoned cart messages. This article will cover how to get set up with TxtCart SMS Marketing in just a few easy steps.

Not into reading? We made a video for you:

Installing the App

1. Go to the TxtCart listing on the Shopify App Store.

2. Click on Add app.

3. Review the permissions we are asking for you and click Install app.

4. Complete our simple Onboarding Process to get outfitted with your own personal SMS Sales team. DO NOT skip this step, service does not begin until onboarding and terms to billing are accepted. Click Next Step.

5. Follow the remainder of the onboarding process which will guide you through our setup, compliance, and terms to accept to begin your trial. Once completed, your store will be enabled with the features that the TxtCart SMS Marketing app provides.

Note: If you wish to access our limited Free Forever Plan, you can downgrade within the TxtCart Dashboard once you have onboarded, accepted terms to billing and begun your 14-day free trial πŸŽ‰

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