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TxtCart: Integrations - 3rd Party Apps
TxtCart: Integrations - 3rd Party Apps

See our comprehensive list of supported 3rd Party App Integrations and how to enable them!

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Integrations - 3rd Party Apps

The TxtCart Team continuously looks to expand our partners and integrations, making our app readily available and compatible with 3rd-party apps from other developers. Other app teams will also be able to develop an integration with TxtCart using our API.

The majority of 3rd-party apps don't require any additional actions to work with TxtCart, but others are more elaborate in their integrations. We have 2 scenarios:

Non Technical Integrations:

  • In most cases, the non technical integrations work out of the box alongside TxtCart. No additional actions needed from the user side. In some cases this is due to a planned integration between app teams, but often is the result of apps cross comunicating and functioning together fluidly.

Technical Integrations:

  • For the rest, we've added the "Integrations" section into our "Integration" tab within our app dashboard which allows users to turn support on/off for those apps.

Apps below are non-technical integrations in which they work alongside TxtCart automatically with no interference to the code. No technical integration or switch necessary:

Apps below are technical integrations which have been developed intentionally for a technical integration with TxtCart and require the user to switch them on (connect):

For additonal questions or integration requests with an app(s) not listed here please email the team at 

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